Bauerle etc. More on Coaches

February 2, 2016 Greg 0

Everything keeps coming up coaches. Of course it started with Coach Richt’s firing. Actually I guess it started with Steve Spurrier’s resignation at South Carolina. The realization that the Gamecocks were going after Kirby Smart […]


1966-67 Trojans Win Region

January 7, 2016 Greg 0

Martis Robinson’s 1966-67 Athens High School basketball team had a tough act to follow. In his first campaign as coach, Robinson had guided the 1965-66 squad to a 20-10 record, but with eight seniors taking […]


Saturday Memories

October 26, 2015 Greg 0

It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Fall in Athens. Between the Hedges, in the stands, or watching the game on TV matters not. On Saturday morning I wake up all full of nervous energy. My […]


Go To a High School Football Game

August 26, 2015 Greg 0

It’s time for the Friday night lights  to go on and there are high school football games everywhere that you turn. So get up off your sofa and go to a game. I went for […]


Fun With the Braves

August 17, 2015 Greg 0

I had it in my head to go and see the Braves Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. It was probably running into Cal Wednesday evening that had me worked up. Cal and I saw many games […]


Football Camp at the Y

May 11, 2015 Greg 0

Billy Henderson is a force of nature. I remember the first time that I met Coach Henderson. It was a spring day in 1985 and I was riding down Milledge Avenue. The sports


Going Home

April 28, 2015 Greg 0

I turned off of Vincent Drive and into the Holland Youth Sports Complex and it felt like going home. There were hundreds of young soccer and baseball players running around


Ho Hum First Place

April 6, 2015 Greg 0

What a wonderful day the first day of baseball season is. Everybody’s happy. Everybody’s optimistic. Everybody’s in first place. But this year has been

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A Brave New Spring

March 30, 2015 Greg 0

Next week the Braves start their season and there seems to be universal agreement on how they are going do. Very poorly. But I’ll tell you that I don’t like being

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Another Foul Ball

March 17, 2015 Greg 0

It was sometime in the ’90’s and I was headed to Reno with Reno. We took a southern route catching baseball games in Shreveport (where Rick Mahler was the