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Still the Best

February 1, 2016 Greg 0

It was the day after Christmas and I was at the Foundry for Randall Bramblett’s annual Christmas show. I’d explored the place when I got there and found Slim Jim, Godfrey, and Mr. Clown all […]

Out & About Athens

Thankful for the Flyers

November 22, 2015 Greg 0

I’ve been listening to the Normaltown Flyers since 1979 and there are two things that have always been true: the music’s great and Brian Burke is in the pilot’s seat. I wish I could say […]

Out & About Athens

1961 Trojan Football

October 29, 2015 Greg 0

In the fall of 1961 “The Magnificent Seven” was on at the Palace Theater,  Roger Maris was being hounded by the press as he closed in on Babe Ruth’s home run record. The United States […]

Out & About Athens

Mad Dog Memories

August 10, 2015 Greg 0

It was nine years ago Sunday since Terry Melton died and as I spent a Sunday afternoon, as he and I  often did, in front of the television watching sports and drinking a beer or […]

Out & About Athens

On the Road Again

July 14, 2015 Greg 0

As I boarded the train in Gainesville I was only looking for a ride to Reno. Instead I got so much more as I traveled through 20 states by train and van before making my […]

Out & About Athens

Rocky Mountain Danku

July 6, 2015 Greg 0

For two days as we came across the Rockies, whenever I took my notebook out of my pocket to write something down, it came out in three line form. Where they came from I don’t […]