Animals Gone Wild

July 28, 2015 Greg 0

There’s a website that serves as a community bulletin board for people, like myself, who live in Beechwood. People go onto it who have lost pets or have something to sell or are looking for […]


Eddie and Me

July 21, 2015 Greg 0

I don’t know when I started loving the Braves. I guess that it began with Eddie Mathews. When we were kids, Mama and Daddy would pile us all in the station wagon a couple of […]

Out & About Athens

On the Road Again

July 14, 2015 Greg 0

As I boarded the train in Gainesville I was only looking for a ride to Reno. Instead I got so much more as I traveled through 20 states by train and van before making my […]

Out & About Athens

Rocky Mountain Danku

July 6, 2015 Greg 0

For two days as we came across the Rockies, whenever I took my notebook out of my pocket to write something down, it came out in three line form. Where they came from I don’t […]