Adventures in Healthcare

November 27, 2015 Greg 0

I pulled into the Publix parking lot Monday morning three weeks ago and I was in a fowl mood. On Saturday I’d gotten a notice from my health insurance company that there were more i’s […]

Out & About Athens

Thankful for the Flyers

November 22, 2015 Greg 0

I’ve been listening to the Normaltown Flyers since 1979 and there are two things that have always been true: the music’s great and Brian Burke is in the pilot’s seat. I wish I could say […]

Out & About Athens

1961 Trojan Football

October 29, 2015 Greg 0

In the fall of 1961 “The Magnificent Seven” was on at the Palace Theater,  Roger Maris was being hounded by the press as he closed in on Babe Ruth’s home run record. The United States […]


Saturday Memories

October 26, 2015 Greg 0

It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Fall in Athens. Between the Hedges, in the stands, or watching the game on TV matters not. On Saturday morning I wake up all full of nervous energy. My […]


Cue Speaks, I Listen

October 15, 2015 Greg 0

I was sitting in my living room watching Paul Finebaum. My leg was propped up with an icepack taped to my knee. I was still trying to recover from the weekend in Knoxville. I was contemplating starting […]


Good Thoughts About Kelley

September 2, 2015 Greg 0

For some reason Kelley has been coming up a lot lately. I mean he’s always there, although he died in 1968 he’s always been with me, it’s just that he’s been coming up in conversation. […]


Go To a High School Football Game

August 26, 2015 Greg 0

It’s time for the Friday night lights  to go on and there are high school football games everywhere that you turn. So get up off your sofa and go to a game. I went for […]


Books, Friends, Turtles, and Dawgs

August 19, 2015 Greg 0

It’s always great to live in the Classic City, but I find that it’s particularly nice when my funds are limited. Saturday found me with a lot of options that led to a full and […]


Fun With the Braves

August 17, 2015 Greg 0

I had it in my head to go and see the Braves Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. It was probably running into Cal Wednesday evening that had me worked up. Cal and I saw many games […]

Out & About Athens

Mad Dog Memories

August 10, 2015 Greg 0

It was nine years ago Sunday since Terry Melton died and as I spent a Sunday afternoon, as he and I  often did, in front of the television watching sports and drinking a beer or […]